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Like Wine

     If I were to compare myself to an uncorked bottle of wine, (a fun idea which may include similies and metaphors,) I’d have to say I came from grapes planted in the late 1960’s and they’re now mature in … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

All my life I’ve leaned toward  the dark side.  I love black women, dark clothes, dark novels, dark jokes, and even the dark itself (except when I was in Vietnam). My favorite cowboys were Zorro and Lash Larue because they wore … Continue reading

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The Leap of Faith

Making wine with my father was a leveler.  That vat of grape juice, bubbling away in primary fermentation, bridged a chasm of opposing worldviews. We’d descend the basement stairs and enter a state of grape varietals, juices, and chemistry.  We … Continue reading

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Meet Barbara: With a little help from the Grateful Dead and Robert Frost

What a long, strange trip it’s been (a seven-year journey), but my historical novel, Line by Line, will be published in February of 2011. Accompanying me on this adventure is my husband, Jim, who was there from word one. My … Continue reading

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Meet John

I always find it a bit daunting to do an exercise like this.  I gravitate toward a traditional start: I grew up in the Cleveland area and I’ve lived here all of my life—which is certainly true—but that’s just geography.  … Continue reading

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