Like Wine

     If I were to compare myself to an uncorked bottle of wine, (a fun idea which may include similies and metaphors,) I’d have to say I came from grapes planted in the late 1960’s and they’re now mature in unexpected ways while retaining their youthful qualities.  To me, the resulting wine is different every year, but this year has been exceptionally mellow and smooth, with a minimum of sediment!

     Like that bottle of wine, I’m middle-aged and like it.  If I never looked in the mirror or down at my hands, I wouldn’t even know what age I am.  I feel just like my 25 year old self, except a lot wiser.  I’m still not wise enough, though, which is good, so I’ll always  have a goal.  Also important to me is maintaining my serenity.  Thus the bottle which stores the wine is made of hard yet clear glass, protective yet transparent.  A shield and a window.

     So here I am in 2011 on a blog on the internet on a computer – something not possible when I was 25.  Writing, though, has always been, whether a journal, poetry, short stories, newspaper articles, or a novel…and always something in the works.  I figure by the time I retire from teaching, I may have a whole collection to publish, and by then, everyone will probably have a Kindle built into their eyelids, so publishing will be a breeze.  Oh yeah, I’ve thought it all out, but then, I am uncorked!


About sarahwiseley

I am a teacher, writer, artist, musician, and environmentalist, amongst other things! Highlights of my months are meeting with my talented writer friends. Now - a blog!
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