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Look Out Below!

     I hadn’t skied since college, and I never was that great to begin with.  For one thing, I prefer not to think of gravity as the enemy.  But when I’m at the top of a large hill strewn with … Continue reading

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The Surge

We’ve all heard of the surge the last two presidents employed so our Middle East allies could achieve political stability.  I’m familiar because I employ it myself.  In fact, I’ve utilized The Surge many more times than our esteemed leaders, … Continue reading

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Brother, Can You Spare a…Nickel?

Sometimes I stumble across some little-known piece of culture that not only works in my historical fiction, but it sends me on a side trip—exploring a road I didn’t know even existed. That was the case with carved nickels, also … Continue reading

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Time Traveling

I’m a time traveler at heart.  Not through a wormhole, as Einstein postulated, although that does sound intriguing, and not, thank goodness, as in the Time Traveler’s Wife, where Henry’s time travel was unpredictable and unclothed.  My time travel involves … Continue reading

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On Dreams and Jobs

On Dreams and Jobs I’d like to say I’m a realist, but I’m not sure that’s true.  As a wannabe realist, I’m in the habit of reflecting on what I think is the perfect job.  I’ve had several ideas, but … Continue reading

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I Stand Here Ironing (Too)

I Stand Here Ironing (Too) I stood with the iron in my hand, moving it back and forth over the recalcitrant corners of a handkerchief—they were not going to lie down easily, and I thought about a story I had … Continue reading

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Far from the Comfort Zone

An offhand remark was the start of a major detour away from my comfort zone.  I was rooting around the Internet, investigating places to stay and things to do for an anniversary trip to New Mexico.  My husband, Jim, looked … Continue reading

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