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The Real Thugs

There’s been a lot of talk in Cleveland, Ohio about the young people in our city who have chosen the thug life. There’ve been a number of incidents that our local paper has jumped on like some pit bull, shaking and … Continue reading

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Living with a Writer

Living with a writer is like holding an open house.  Characters come and go; some I may know and some are strangers, but if they are around long enough I may get to know them better, unless my writer wife, Barbara, kills … Continue reading

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Buzz(ard) Off! Signs of Spring in Cleveland

This is a sign of spring? It’s not the robins. It’s not even the first snowdrop or crocus popping through slushy ground.  People who live near Cleveland, Ohio, know that spring officially arrives with the return of the buzzards—turkey vultures—to … Continue reading

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But How Do You REALLY Feel?

You might think writing a novel is hard.  Sure, you’ve got plot, dialogue, and structure to deal with, not to mention revising, revising, and revising.  Then, when you’re done with that, you revise again.  The entire process can take a … Continue reading

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Enough and Enough!

Enough and Enough! The long arm of our current economic situation reached out and grabbed me recently.  It happens when one least expects it.  It was a Thursday night.  My wife and I were driving home when we realized we … Continue reading

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