Twelve Lines to Welcome 2012!

Twelve Lines to Welcome 2012!

Could this year really have come to its end

With days of good and bad and foe and friend

Two thousand eleven will pass its way

In ordained time, two thousand twelve will stay

But what will happen, and how will it be

Between now until next year’s Christmas tree

(In the spirit of beginnings we say:

Welcome, New Year…a new stage, a new play)

And how will we handle each day and night

Spread before us…the year’s canvas in sight

With three hundred sixty-six days sublime

Just like the others…one day at a time

An official farewell to 2011 and welcome to 2012 to all of you out in blogland.  I looked for a poem to post to my Facebook page, but I couldn’t find anything I really liked, so I wrote one.

I came up with the last line first and noticed it was ten syllables.  (NOTE: There’s really no reason why anyone should notice or remember that, but here I am).  If you studied poetry in high school or college, you’ll remember a ten-syllable line is called pentameter.  (See note above).  I had high hopes of coming up with a poem in iambic pentameter, a fairly rigid method of arranging words so the emphasis is on every second syllable, which is harder than it looks. (See note above). 

I managed to stick to pentameter.  Had I waited for iambic lines, however, it may have taken me into the new year and, well, my poem would have lost something by then.

With that said, I wish you a Happy New Year; may it be filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.  Welcome 2012!

John Kavouras


About John Kav

I have always enjoyed humorous writing, but in college I learned to admire and appreciate creative non-fiction and its many forms. I liked the idea of writing that is entertaining or, even better, humorous but also tells a true story about someone’s everyday life, so that’s usually what I write. Enjoy! I hope you'll leave me comments and come back to this site often.
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