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What a long, strange trip it has been (and the journey continues). My historical novel, Line by Line, published in March of 2011, and my nonfiction book about hobos, called Mulligan Stew, published in November 2013. I just completed a novella, called Sidetracks, which was inspired by readers asking me to write more about the characters they met in Line by Line. By day I’m a freelance copyeditor of college textbooks, computer books, and works of fiction. Nights and weekends, and between freelance gigs, I’m working on railroader stories and another novel. I’m also a musician, with a BA in piano performance, and a photographer, who occasionally exhibits in the Cleveland area. I also taught photography to people with disabilities—and they taught me to take a different look at the world.

The Hobo Family

For Thanksgiving, I was asked to write a guest post for indieBRAG. This is my post about families, and what I’ve learned about the hobo family. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! The Hobo Family Advertisements

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And Pete’s banjo gently weeps

“I have sung in hobo jungles, and I have sung for the Rockefellers, and I am proud that I have never refused to sing for anybody…I love my country very deeply.”—Pete Seeger. In 1986, I saw Pete Seeger and Arlo … Continue reading

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One Heart: Chardon, Ohio

The first game in a Division I boys basketball game was played last night—an important game because the winner advances in the playoffs.  At the end of the evening, there was one “winner” and one “loser”—right? Not exactly. This game … Continue reading

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Finding My Inner Hobo

Part of the fun of writing historical fiction is exploring other time periods. I never know what I might learn—and where my research might lead.  This summer, it led to Britt, Iowa—population 2,069—except for the second weekend in August, when … Continue reading

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One Man, Two Million Steps—and More

On the shore of Lake Ontario, about 20 miles north of Rochester, NY, Braddock Point Lighthouse has stood for 115 years.  At the beginning of its long life, it cast a powerful light from its Fresnel lens that was visible … Continue reading

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Buzz(ard) Off! Signs of Spring in Cleveland

This is a sign of spring? It’s not the robins. It’s not even the first snowdrop or crocus popping through slushy ground.  People who live near Cleveland, Ohio, know that spring officially arrives with the return of the buzzards—turkey vultures—to … Continue reading

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But How Do You REALLY Feel?

You might think writing a novel is hard.  Sure, you’ve got plot, dialogue, and structure to deal with, not to mention revising, revising, and revising.  Then, when you’re done with that, you revise again.  The entire process can take a … Continue reading

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