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I am a teacher, writer, artist, musician, and environmentalist, amongst other things! Highlights of my months are meeting with my talented writer friends. Now - a blog!

Corporations Don’t Want Unions

      I think busting the unions of public workers will have dire consequences. The economic impact on states will be enormous as teachers, firemen, and police officers’ salaries diminish. Their buying power will shrink, as will their ability to pay … Continue reading

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Look Out Below!

     I hadn’t skied since college, and I never was that great to begin with.  For one thing, I prefer not to think of gravity as the enemy.  But when I’m at the top of a large hill strewn with … Continue reading

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Like Wine

     If I were to compare myself to an uncorked bottle of wine, (a fun idea which may include similies and metaphors,) I’d have to say I came from grapes planted in the late 1960’s and they’re now mature in … Continue reading

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